I'm one of the original members of givingcircle.tumblr.com, so I'm giving something every day for 365 days. Read about that, as well as about the new tricks this old dog learns now and then.

179:365 Wedding Favours

A friend got married today (it was beautiful) and she’d been looking for some wedding favours, so I helped her out with that. I know a guy that makes these brilliant wooden jigsaws so I sent the bride some pictures suitable for weddings, she picked some of those and found a few more on Pintrest that she liked, the jigsaw guy gave her a price she liked and hey presto, wedding favour jigsaws. Awesome present and really fun!



178:365 Snowglobes and alcohol

I recently got back from a trip to Vienna, Austria, where my Dad was born and grew up. I LOVE buying souvenirs, the cheesier the better - snowglobes, fridge magnets, lederhosen, you name it. Something I love more than that is buying them for other people, worse luck for them!

We went to visit a couple we are great friends with and took them a box of cheesy souvenirs, including a bottle of Jim Beam Hot Apple Punch - it seems like everyone in Austria stands around in the freezing cold drinking hot apfel punsch all Christmas season and it’s a completely unfamiliar taste for us. We heated it up and had a mug of it each before dinner, hopefully it’ll be a year or two before I have to taste that flavour again :)



177:365 Driving directions and a chat

I stepped out of my office today and was getting into my truck when a woman parked nearby called out to ask for directions. I had my phone so I googled it for her but it was across the other side of town so pretty complicated. I took her back inside my office and printed her out a GoogleMap showing the route, which she was very grateful for. We had a great chat about what she was doing in town, it was most enjoyable! One of those times it was so fun to help someone.


176:365 Help with outsourcing

My awesome Foundation team are getting to the point where they need some help from VAs to do research and so on for them, and most of the Team Members haven’t done anything like that before.

I did a group video call with them explaining how to figure out what they needed from their VA, how to write the job posting and how to post it for best results. One guy took action straight away after the call, it was neat. A couple of others weren’t far behind. It feels good giving action-takers something that they can use to keep their momentum up :)


174:365 Developer time

Technically I did this a while ago but I didn’t manage to let the recipient know until today :)

My nutritionist and I were talking about her great looking website, and I found out that she didn’t know about Google Analytics.

I got her to make a free account, give me the code to insert, and I’d get my developer to insert that for her.

Apparently it’s really easy and anyone can do it but every time I try something like that my developer has to come in a fix it so it’s better just to get her to do it straight off the bat :)


173:365 The Power of Habit

I recently listened to an incredible book called “The Power of Habit - Why we do what we do in life and business” by Charles Duhigg. It’s a real blinder of a book - when I recommended it to my business network on Facebook, many of them commented either that this book was the most influential book they’d read, or that it was in their top 5, hands down.

I’m coaching a woman right now that is struggling with some habits that derail her productivity so I sent her this audiobook today. She’s got a 9 hour drive ahead of her one day this week so this audiobook will help her pass the time!


172:365 1:1 Coaching Calls

This year I’m a Team Leader in the Foundation, so I have a team of 13 to shephard over the finish line. As a Team Leader I’m contracted to be doing accountability calls with them and pointing them in the right direction rather than actually coaching them. They’re such a fun bunch of people and super motivated so I wanted to take some time with each of them to give them a bit more of a leg up.

I offered a block of 1:1 times and they snapped them up pronto, so I did a few hours of free coaching with them and we covered their goals and whatever their particular hurdles were for the coming week. I really enjoyed getting to know each one of them a little better and I can’t wait to see where they all get to, it’s like a book and I can’t turn to the last page to see!


171:365 80/20 Sales and Marketing

I love giving books for some reason, it’s a real ‘thing’ with me!

Someone recommended Perry Marshall’s “80/20 Sales and Marketing” to me recently so I read it and loved it. I’ll need to read it a few more times when I’m at different stages of the game to absorb what’s relevant for moving me forward at those times.

I sent a Kindle copy to my business partner, who I met through The Foundation, today. It’s exactly the sort of stuff he geeks out on, he won’t need to read it multiple times :) He’ll love it.


153:365 60c Saved The Day

My husband and I were driving on a highway that had a toll section - If you don’t stop, you have to pay online within 2 days and I always forget so this time we stopped and paid the toll. There was an elderly lady that had walked a long way across the carpark to pay her toll (yes, there are not even toll booths!) with the exact change, and lo and behold, the price had gone up.

She turned to walk back to her car so I gave her the 60c she needed to pay the toll right then, and she was SO grateful. She lit up, she just wasn’t expecting it. This was a really fun gift :)


157:365 Coaching For A Foundation Student

I’m a Team Leader in this year’s Foundation, with a team of 13 people. We had our first Team Meeting today - I really enjoyed it, they’re a great bunch of people and I’m excited to see how they go over the next six months.

After the call I did a 1:1 coaching session with one girl who is starting to pick her market and reach out to them. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all but now she has a good direction to go in and some action steps to move on with. She’s going to be dynamite, this one :)


134:365 Lunch for a friend

One of my friends was attending a conference in my home town and by all accounts the content was something of a snooze-fest so I went and broke him out and took him to lunch. He put a lot away, must have been fortifying himself for the afternoon of information absorption :)

I’m noticing that a lot of my gifts involve buying food lately, many of them I’m not blogging about so you can’t read about them but it’s definitely a recurring theme! I’m going to think on that and make sure I don’t get stuck in that groove.


133:365 Waffle Cone for my favourite Lawyer

I was in my home town this week and I went to lunch with my lawyer while I was there. We have a bit of a tradition of going to a particular ice cream shop and having waffle cones, whatever the occasion or time of year. I bought the cones this time, very yummy and a nice happy gift :)


Give 127:365 Everyone needs some Seth Godin in their lives

One of my friends has been working on a business for a while with quite a bit of success. He’s feeling like it might be stagnant now so he’s having to make the hard decision on whether to keep it going or to drop it entirely.

I bought him Seth Godin’s ‘The Dip’ Kindle version from Amazon, full of wisdom for where he’s at.

BOOM! 10:00am and the giving is already done, too easy!


Give 124:365 Lunch for the Mechanic

We’ve got this brilliant mad-scientist type mechanic that sets up our Forest Harvesting machines before they go out to work for the first time. He’s the only one of his ilk in the country so he’s in hot demand, and works non-stop to meet this demand! It’s nothing out of the ordinary for him to finish work on one machine at 10pm and then drive four or five hours, set up some lights, and start work on the next machine in the wee hours.

He seems to meet most of his nutritional requirements by chain-smoking Winfields, so whenever he’s in our part of the country I run by with a big Subway for him to have for lunch. Today I got a mayday message to say he’d run out of cigarettes so I bought him a packet and grabbed a Subway on the way as well. He was very grateful and he threw it down his throat and then went straight back to work. Interesting chap :)


Give 120:365 What better gift than Pizza?

My friend’s husband is away for work this weekend so she was on her own last night. She loves pizza so Me and my Husband picked up some yummy pizzas and went to her place. She was so happy to open up the box and see her favourite flavour in there :)